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Dragnet 2011 AB after 0bama



CLINT "Make My Day"







Pronounced "Zerobama" 0 bama "I am a moslem"





Why would an intelligent person believe a consummate LIAR like


We The People--
Not I osama 0bama





  How's the Change Workin  
  The latest ATTROCITY of 0 -bama's (pronounced Zerobama) IamNotFondaJane  



  Purpose of the Risenbach Reunion Group

  Our Reunion in Nags Head North Carolina  in 1975

  Are You One Of These People
  Our Reunion in BransonMissouri  in 2000
  Memory Lane Eins   Memory Lane Zwei   
  Photo Album No. 1 the Early Years       Photo Album No. 2 Current Day    
  Photo Album No. 3 the Middle Years     Photo Album No. 4 Current Day
  Photo Album No. 5 Branson 02   Photo Album No. 6 Branson 02
  Photo Album No. 7 2003 in Pictures    Photo Album No. 8 More Early Years 
  Photo Album No. 9 Deutschland 2003   Photo Album No. 10 2004 in Pictures   
  Photo Album No. 11 Branson 2004     Photo Album No. 12 Branson 2004  
  Photo Album No. 13  Oldies              Photo Album No. 14 Branson 2006  
  Photo Album No. 15 2007 in Pictures       Photo Album Number 16  Oldies
  Photo Album No. 17 Branson 2010     Photo Album Number 18 Eberbach Heute
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See What went on at Branson 2010
Below Memories of Our Departed Comrades in Arms
        Earl Burlingame      

Tom  Monteith 

Otto Eckerlin

Margitta Ives

Inge "Fritz" Ayo

"Doc" Gale Watts

Ursula  Sellers

Ernie Ives

Charles "The Chief" Lukin

Dick "Bird" Rawlings

Arthur Jenkins

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