a working clock that requires java









Think You Can Beat The Computer At  Tic Tac Toe!

Well give it a try by clicking your mouse on a square 

Tic Tac Toe Java


The  Rubik  Cube

requires java support

Twist or rotate by pointing and dragging in "natural" directions.

Click mouse cursor somewhere on the cube then, Press s to scramble and r to restore.

* The center layer will not turn



The object is to remove as many marbles as possible from the board. The only legal moves are horizontal or vertical jumps with one marble over another to an empty hole on the other side, whereupon the marble that was jumped over goes away. To move, just drag the marbles in some legal direction.

How to play

1.   Use the mouse to point to a numbered answer box, across or down and then left click the mouse.
2.   The question you point to and click will be displayed in the top and bottom question boxes.
3.  The current word you are working on is highlighted in yellow.
4)   The current letter is highlighted in cyan.
5)   Click on any letter to move to that word.
6)   The <spacebar> switches between across and down. It pivots around the current letter.
7)   The <back space> erases the current letter.
8)   Incorrect letters are drawn in red.
9)   Correct letters are drawn in blue.
RRG Crossword Puzzle.




Here is how you can use the controls in this Spirograph applet:


The first three scroll bars in the control panel let you change R, r and O respectively. You can change these values between 1 and 100.

You can use the next three scroll bars to change the color of the drawing. These scroll bars change the red, green and blue values of the color (in the range 0-255) respectively.

The last scroll bar lets you choose the number of iterations for the Spirograph.

You can use the Random button to select random values for the radii and color. The number of iterations is not changed by the Random button.



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