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Arture's  "Reisenbach  Forever"

They came to serve Germany


To Eberbach they soon did go

White paint, true love and fifty-fives

Began to feature in their lives

Soon every night was a Saturday

And Sunday came most any day

To Eberbach they soon did go

‘Twas there they staged an endless show
But that was not the only town

To live it up or settle down

To keep the friendships they had found

And through the years relive the round
Forever Reisenbach

Arture  suggests these  words be put to  the music of: "In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus"

See what happened to the Site in the 70's by clicking on the picture and scroll down to the third photo for Reisenbach.

The picture and the sentence below are courtesy of the 79th Engineers web site, Bruce Christman. Click on the following link and scroll down to the 3rd paragraph to read the history of the refurbishing of Luft Station Zwei.  Pictures of the refurbishing

(It appears that the units that operated the Reisenbach site before 1970 fondly recall their time there. Their reunion website has a number of pictures of what the site looked like then, and now. Reisenbach Reunion Group )


Courtesy of the

79th Engineers


Great Pictures on your web site! I posted your site on the Yahoo Web Board, http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/thirtyfourthsignalbn  
Really nice old pictures you have there.

Hey there!
So good to hear from you and that is super nice of you to put us on your website!  We really enjoyed your group and look forward to the possibility of everyone coming back!                                                                                 Thanks again, Michelle & Dan   (Bavarian Village)

   I Danny R. Barnes, I was stationed with B Co. 34th Sig Bn. at Krabbenloch Kasern from Sept. '63 Mar '66.   I thought we had a solder named Wilson who was a draftee who spent time at Reisenbach.   He made Sgt. E-5, not AJ in 2 years and was a good solder.   I was out during a war games exercise and we stopped at the Reisenbach Site overnight.   During my 3 years in the Army in the 34th. I was on TDY nearly the whole time and spent time at Werthheim, Zirndorf and even did a stint as a stockade guard at RB.   There aren't many who were in the 34th. during the 63-66 era.
                                                                         Danny R. Barnes


I am very familiar with your great web site. I have visited it several times in the past 6 months. I have a particular interest because I am hoping - someday - to create a comprehensive map that shows all radio relay sites operated by the US Army (and Air Force) in Germany (and France) in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Of special interest are the VHF/MW sites and later DEB sites.
I am currently collecting information on the 102nd Sig Bn, 447th Sig Bn, and others that operated the sites from the US Army side in the 1950s and 60s. (You can check the corresponding unit pages on my web site). I am also working on a map that shows the 102nd relay and terminal sites in 1960. Have you considered working on a project like this from the USAFE side?
I would be grateful if you added a link to my site and will obviously reciprocate.

Best regards
Walter Elkins



Thanks for the note. Glad you liked our site. I'm amazed at the size and obvious spirit of your reunion group. Your site is excellent.
Don't know if you've seen the fairly new "U.S. Army in Europe" site, so here it is (their webmaster has a huge task ahead):

Yes, please do add our site to your links, and thanks for the offer:

3rd Armored Div. PIO (1965-68) Web Site


Hi Spol!!!
Just took another peak and saw the updates............ITS AWESOME!!!  I've been showing all my co workers.  I'm so glad to be a part of this group!

As I only knew the tower at Reisenbach by flying above with the glider or powered glider, I went there yesterday with my bike. I expected something like a TV-Relais and microwave links operated by my company but found a military area operated by the Bundeswehr.
By searching for some information about this site on the internet, I found your site. Nice to see those pictures from the earlier days. I live at Michelstadt, about 25 kmin the northwest.
kind regards http://www.fscm.de/
Lutz Alexnat                     

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