Inge (Fritz) Ayo


June 5, 1944  -  January 18, 2004
















In April we lost another of our members, who only a few of you knew, she was Inge (Fritz) Ayo.  Inge had been fighting pancreas cancer since November and it finally took her.   As some of you might remember she was Louie’s Fraulein in Eberbach who came to the states in the late sixties and married a fellow by the name of Ayo.  Inge lived in California until 1987 and then got divorced and moved back to Eberbach in 1987 to take care of her ill mother and has lived there since


Liebe  Inge


 am standing here on the beach of Santa Monica, the place you loved so much and I am looking over the ocean and seeing the beautiful sunset. I know that you are out there. Your sun went down way too early, too early you left us and we are all so very sad.