Who The Bad Guys Are      

Listed below are a group of merchants that customers have had problems with.  The problems have never been resolved to the customers satisfaction.  You will find a brief description of the problem and how the merchant decided to handle it.  If history is a teacher you should probably not do business with the merchant unless you enjoy hassles.





  Inkcessories.com located at:

137 W. Pomona Ave,

Monrovia, CA. 91016-4555

Owner John Jacobs



Email from Inkcessories.com



We would like to inform you that your order 18238 placed on 11/29/2007 12:06:00 PM has been shipped. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Order Shipped Via: Free Shipping (3 to 5 Business Days, U.S. only) The tracking number for your package is: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

After 21 days, we had the USPS check on the item and we found out that the USPS NEVER RECEIVED the package.  The email sent by Inkceories merely indicates that they have printed an ELECTRONIC postage label NOTHING has to be received by USPS.  To make matters worse the price of the Item from  Inkceories is $46.95 with free shipping ONLY if you spend over $50.00.  The price of the item directly from Canon is $33.49 plus $6.00 shiping TOTAL $39.49 and was received in three days!  We got nothing but lies from  Inkceories about how it was the USPS's problem.  Inkcessories had no problem billing the credit card on the day the items were ordered, had the credit card bill been paid it would have been bye bye $65.00 for the customer!!


NONE nothing but stories about it takes 48 hours to ship and it is the Post Offices fault. the only resolution was calling the credit card company and canceling payment

      This merchant advertises 24 - 48 hours for shipping and 3-5 days for delivery which is totally not true it a total of 21 days there was still no product!!!      
  eMetrix.com located in UT. Purchased esoft.com Easy Web Password V1.2   Software was downloaded and purchased for $39.95 an extra $3.95 is added to your bill without telling you for "Registration Backup Service" whatever that is. The product did not work as described and after sending numerous emails (No telephone number given) customer gave up.  

NONE the only resolution was calling the credit card company and canceling payment