Photo Album Number Vierzehnt



Branson         2006


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Arrival Day The Frau's The Girls Again That Night Christel, Mousi, Christa, George
Sue, Buzz, Millie, Inge Dickie Bird & Diane Doc, Lilo, Christa Spol, Glass, Louie The Volk Saufers
Schnitzel Bitte Essen Zeit What a Diet See I told you Nach Meir
Still Christa Hank working hard Mr. Lee George
Buzz Lilo Joanie Buzz & Doc Louie
Christa Spol Millie Egon Sue & Sally
Sally Mausi Inge Herc Doris
Christel Ernie As Usual Dee, Lilo, Mausi, Christel, Christa Band Night
Band Night Our Band Mausi, Inge, Christa, Lilo Christa, Mausi, Christel, Lilo Millie & Ernie
The Cooks Cooks or Saufers Christa, Lilo, Louie, Mausie Lilo & Schatz Lilo, Christa, Doc, Mausi
Mausi, Lilo, Sue Sue & Spol The Guys On The ShowBoat Real GI's
All of Us The Guys All of Us Dickie Bird The Beverly Hillbillys Car
Egon & Spol Jet Skiing Jet Skiing Jet Skiing Jet Skiing
Our Evening ON the Lake About 18:30 19:30 Our Vessel Our Cook 20:30
Our Captain & Spol Lee, Sue, Inge and our host LaNora  22:30 Our WaterCraft Sailin Sailin The Tattooed Girls
Spol Mausi The Tattooed Fraus Spol & Sue Last Night at Bones
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