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2007  in  Pictures  


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Herbert & Doris Young Widby & Christal The Captain Sue,Spol,Young Widby,Doris, Herbert BransonBlick Herbert,Young Widby,Doris,Spol,Sue
The Loretta Lynn Show Loretta Lynn The RFD Theater & Loretta Lynn Show Another Day in Paradise Sunset in Paradise
The Lake in Paradise Spol & Mr. Lee Helene & Spol Spol & Mr. Lee at Dick Clarks Dick Clark Museum
Dick Clark Museum Dick Clark Museum Mr. Lee's House in Paradise The View From Mr. Lee's The View From Mr. Lee's
Inge Fritz Gate Guard Mike Itterburg Neckar Irmgard
Where Hank Shovels The Sharo Ranch Out Behind the Barn Typical Sunset in Paradise Nach Ein BransonBlick
Cindy & Billy's Wedding Cindy & Billy's Wedding Cindy & Billy's Wedding Inge & Ava Inge, grandkids, son Thomas & wife in St. Thomas
Sally Recognize This Summer Saueriei Ivan Lou, Hank Sailing Sailing
Louie, Spol, Hank, Buzz Hank, Buzz, Christa, Lilo Johnny Western Johnny Western & Sue Egon
Roy Clark Show Hank & Lilo The Saufen Fraus Spol & Sue Lilo & Hank in Helen
October Fest in Helen Still at it Nach ein bier Bitte The Winos Spol & Chris
Irmgard at Hacienda Heights Oktoberfest Mike at Hacienda Heights Oktoberfest Oktoberfest  at Hacienda Heights  Our new members Gino & Carol The Flooded Neckar
Egon, Inge, Morgan Jerry, Morgan, Pamela Egon & Mausi in Alantic City Inge & Barbara Mr. Lee & Friend
Popy on the ol porch Just hangin' out Spol & Schatz Hank, Lilo, Charles & Margie Sue,Mr. Lee, Hank, Lilo, Charles, Margie
Sue & Lilo Hank & Mr. Lee Spol set for battle Jus' rock'in Hank, Lee, Spol, Schatzie
Allie, Hank, Mr. Lee Mr. Lee, Spol, Hank Mr. Lee, Spol, Hank The Connie Smith Show The Connie Smith Show
Connie Connie & Marty Stuart Connie & Marty Mel Tellis Mel
Connie & Mel Connie, Mel & Marty Connie & Marty Connie & Mel Spol & Connie

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