Photo  Album   Number  Drei

The   Middle   Years

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St.Louis The RV (ruined vehicle) Doc in deep Thought Tom & Shirley
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Art at Work The Bird Hank & Spol Inga, Lilo, Lee
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Louis & Adrian Louie & Louis Ray, Stevie, Steve & Inga Art, Earl, Rip
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Rip & Hank saying "hello" Hard at work again Spol & Eddie Chris, Sonny, George, Patricia & Mama
Saurie1B_iLL.jpg (71407 bytes) Saurie1C1_ill.jpg (89463 bytes) Saurerrei1_A.jpg (82857 bytes) ArtKathren.jpg (402552 bytes)

Terror in Illinois

Grants Farm Survives

Stranded In St. Louis

The "King" and Kathren
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You haven't seen these since the the 80's and all D marks will be gone in 2002 replaced by the Euro

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