In  Memory  Of  Our Departed  Comrade  In  Arms


Thomas David Monteith   U.S.A.F. 


April 4, 1941  -  April 24, 2002


Reisenbach  1962  -  1964



On Friday, April 19, 2002 at 2:08 PM  I received the following from Tom: 

Good bye Air Force guys  they gave me two days
to live this morning       love Tom


Louie and I both tried to contacting Tom by telephone but to no avail.  Louie finally got an answer on Saturday night the 20th, it was Tomís twin brother Dick.  He told Louie that Tom had been taken to the hospital Friday afternoon.  He also said Tom would not let them take him to the hospital until he sent several emails (typical Monteith).   On Sunday 21 April at 5:00 pm central Daylight Time I spoke to Tom he sent his love regards and auf weidersein to all.   Dick, Tomís twin brother, said he would keep us informed on Tomís condition.


On the April 23rd  Tomís twin brother Dick gave me a call to inform me that Tom had passed away at 3:55 Pm Tuesday the 23rd  of April.  Tom requested that in lieu of flowers a donation be sent to The Franciscan Skemp Foundation in LaCross, WI.  where he spent his last days.