In  Memory  Of  Our Departed  Comrade  In  Arms 


Charles  Albert  Lukin   U.S.A. 


June 5, 1942  -  December 27, 2011


Reisenbach  1964 - 1965 


Charles "The Chief" (Blackfeet name Netana "One Chief") passed away on December the twenty-seventh at 08:00 hours in the Blackfeet Community Hospital in Browning Montana.   The Chief had been suffering from cancer of the throat. and had a severe complications to include pneumonia.  


Charles grew up on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana.  He was volunteered for the draft in the Army in 1963.   He was then stationed at Reisenbach.  Charles left Reisenbach and was discharged from the Army in 1965.  He then went back to his beloved "Res".  He tried to live in a big city in California for a spell but really disliked it and went back to the "Res" where he married Donna, and followed a career of being  carpenter, rancher, and outfitter.


Charles had five children Alan, Jesse, Martin, Mary Beth (Bill) Edens, Darcy (Darrell) Hall.  He is also survived by his mother Nora Lukin, sisters Mary Lynn Lukin, Francy (Denny) Loring, Helen Ann Stiner.


"The Chief" enjoyed rodeoing, playing cards, hunting, and hanging out with friends.  He was a good comrade in arms who attended our reunions. He was also very proud of being part of the Cowboys for Life.


Today (30 DEC 11) started with dry snow but cleared up with sunny skies and a light breeze.  This was unlike the weather on the day that his children went to check out the burial site that he had picked years ago.  The site is on atop a butte, 20-25 miles northeast of Browning.  Attached is a photo of a pack train (horses) that his daughter Darcy, her husband Darrell, and 2 younger cousins Brian and Tyson arranged.

The local Vet's organization did a 21-gun salute and flew the US and Army flags.  One of his cousin's did a flag song (a tribal equivalent for honoring Vet's).


Services for Charles were held New Years Eve, December 31.