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Crystal, Sue, George, Mausi, Suki, Barbel, Glass, Spol, Mr.Lee, Inge Brunch at College of the Ozarks
Elvis and Mausi
Ras, Elvis and Suki
At the Mickey Gilley Show Jan and Mg Suki, Sue, Hank, Mausi and Glass at Lee's Karaoke night Pattie, Sonny, Sue Mausi The Bathers
Mg, Jan, Diane, Bird, Sue, Mausi, Spol, Glass, Barbel Christal, Lee, Mausi, Suki, Inge The Mickey Gilley Show
The RRG Group On Stage at Mickey Gilley's
Mickey Gilley & Spol
Elvis and Mausi Karaoke Night Jan and Sue Sunset at Mr. Lee's
Sunset at Mr. Lee's

Mausi & Barbel

Backstage at Mickey Gilleys Mausi & Barbel mach essen Geschnak sehr gut
Glass, Jan, Mr.Lee, Christal, George Glass, Jan, Mr.Lee, Spol, Christal, George
Barbel and The Bird Spol, The Bird, Glass Mg Lee, & Barbel Our Lake Spol's Backyard
Mausi, Sue, Christal George and Sue Lee, Spol, Hank Spol, Bird, Egon

Egon, Jan, Lee, Spol, Christal, George

Sue and Mausi Suki, Sue, Hank, Mausi, Egon Spol and George The Bismarck Mausi, Sue, Christal
Inge, Mausi, Sue, Christal Mausi, Christal, Sue George, Egon, Lee
Mausi, Sue, Christal

Egon, Mausi, Spol, Barbel

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